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How it Works...

When you have written what you want to say, you simply send your email through an encrypted service that I will already have set up for you, and then await my reply which will usually be within 48 hours.

I will read your email, allow time to thoughtfully consider a response and aim to respond in a way that encourages you to greater self understanding. I might also sometimes suggest further reading material, or enclose a relevant link to useful information. I suggest two email exchanges per week to begin with. You may find that as therapy progresses you do well with a single, weekly exchange giving you more space for reflection. 

Copying Down

Email Counselling

Counselling by email can be a helpful and effective therapy for people who like to express their feelings through writing. It’s very different from face to face sessions because you don't have to go anywhere or set up a specific appointment time. This is often attractive to people with busy schedules, disabilities and also for those of us who feel a bit inhibited about coming to see a counsellor face to face. You may also find this a convenient way of working if you struggle with anxiety issues which make it hard to leave the house or get to an appointment.

When you write out your thoughts and feelings you have a chance to really think about what you want to say, without feeling under pressure to express yourself within the confines of an hour long therapy session. For many people, writing can be a good way of expressing upsetting or negative feelings and worries when you are actually feeling them, rather than having to wait until your next session. You are free to write at any time of day or night, stop, take a break, or reread what you’ve written. Often the process of writing enables us to see things differently, or perhaps gain insights from within that hadn’t previously occurred to us.

Write When You Like

Email counselling may not be suitable if:

  • You are under the age of eighteen – I provide a service for adults only.​

  • You are in immediate crisis and need to talk to someone right now.


  • You have severe mental health problems


  • You have problems with reading and writing, or you are not fluent in English.


  • You feel you will be unable to cope with gaps in therapy.

If you're unsure if email counselling is right for you, then I'll be happy to answer any further questions via a brief introductory email exchange for which there is no charge.

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